Exploring HiberTec Homes & Investing in the Future of Housing

Join the conversation hosted by HiberTec's Founder and CEO, Holden Forrest, alongside special guest, former Mayor and current Planning Commissioner of Malibu, Mikke Pierson for a deep dive into the future of home protection and the unparalleled investment opportunity.


December 12th at 1:30pst


The Ultimate Defense Against Wildfires And Wind™

Key Takeaways

  • HiberTec's Paradigm Shift
  • Dive Into Patented Technology
  • Investment Opportunity Insights
  • Q&A With The CEO & Special Guest

Holden Forrest

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur with decades of successful experience bringing start-ups to market; Founder and CEO of a global biofuel company, Founder and CEO of a nationwide computer company, COO of a SoCal construction company, highly accomplished real estate broker and developer, franchise restaurant owner, etc. Holden is widely recognized as a passionate, proven leader.

Mikke Pierson

Former Mayor of Malibu

Mayor of Malibu, CA 2020-2022; Malibu Planning Commissioner for 7 years. Mike, an entrepreneur and businessman with more than 30 years of experience, is owner of Pierson Business Growth Solutions and is a proven business growth expert and certified business coach. He was recognized as a hero during the devastating Woolsey / Malibu wildfire- personally rescuing of families through the flames at ground zero.

Dive into the groundbreaking world of HiberTec Homes and the unparalleled investment opportunity it presents on Republic

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