Media's Next Frontier: Insights from VideoXRM's CEO, David N. Baker

Discover the forefront of AI-driven media discovery, distribution, and monetization, and explore the potential for investors and industry enthusiasts alike.

December 21st at 11 AM PST

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Meet the Host

David N. Baker

CEO and Chief Product Architect

David is an experienced professional having advised numerous emerging growth companies, from startup through subsequent public financings. Additionally, he has held operational roles in database software, mediatech, fintech, renewable energy (wind turbines), self storage and property infrastructure development.

David also co-founded Revere Data LLC, which was ultimately acquired by Factset Data Systems, Inc. Early Investor in and advisor to several companies, including Zagg (NASDAQ: ZAGG), Galaxy Gaming (NASDAQ: GLXZ) and Caliber Companies Inc. (NASDAQ: CWD). David’s 32-year career includes leading three hedge funds, proprietary trading, investment banking and securities brokerage. He has authored or co-authored 7 financial analytics and database patents.

Discover Insights Into Our AI-Driven Media Discovery, Distribution and Monetization Platform, and Investment Opportunity!

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